Welcome to The Coyote Hunting Blog

Welcome to my site on coyote hunting and calling coyotes. Over the years I have developed a love for hunting and especially coyote hunting. I have started this blog to share with you some of my experiences and what I have learned from each one. I have done a lot of experimenting with different ways of calling animals, and I hope to let you in on some secrets I have learned. Maybe this will save you from the failures I have experienced.

I love to hunt coyotes for several reasons. One, I can pretty much hunt them all year long. One thing I hate is having to wait all year long for the other hunting seasons to come along. With coyotes, I can do it anytime. Another thing I love is being able to shoot as many as I want. This is probably the best part because I love guns and I love to shoot them at things, especially live animals! Another thing I love about hunting those varmits is exactly what this site is about, hunting coyotes! I love trying new equipment in field and tinkering with gadgets, and I get to do this with calls.

I also enjoy spending time at the outdoor store and wishing I owned everything in it. I swear if I was a millionaire I wouldn't have enough space to fit all of my hunting equipment. Waiting for the new coyote calls to come out each year is like waiting for christmas for me. So stay tuned and hopefully I can share some helpful experiences with you.