Coyote Hunting – The Best Call

This post is devoted to what I believe is the best call on the market today for coyote hunting. This is not a product review because I am not going to talk about any specific brand, although I might recommend a few. I will save product reviews for another post. This is about what I think is hands down the kind of coyote call that will give you the best results, other than just using coyote bait.

The call I'm talking about is the electronic remote predator call. These calls are the best for a couple of reasons: they don't require you to do anything but press a button, and they can be placed away from you and controlled with a remote.

The fact that all it requires is for you to press a button is good because it doesn't require that you control the sound or the calling sequence. The device comes preset with the proper sound and proper calling sequences. This means that a we can't screw it up for ourselves by making unrealistic sounds. Plus, I like the fact that I don't have to sit there and blow into it. I guess I'm just lazy :).

The fact that it can be placed away from you and remote controlled is equally as beneficial. One of the worst things about mouth calls is that the sound is coming directly from you. This means, when the coyotes are headed your way, they will be looking directly at you. Anyone who has ever been spotted by a coyote while calling knows they don't hang around long when they figure out you are there. With a remote caller, you can place the sound source several yards away from you and control it with a remote. In my opinion, this is invaluable. I enjoy getting in deer stands and placing these at the base of the stand. This way can see them coming from a long ways away, and minimize you chance of getting busted.

There are many brands out there that make these calls at different price ranges. It is best to find the price range that fits you. One brand I am particularly fond of is Foxpro, they make excellent predator calls. However, they are kind of pricy for equipment that is just used for coyote hunting.