Predator Calling

Predator calling in general was how I got started in coyote hunting. Originally my goal was to call in a bobcat. I had read articles on bobcat callinga and found out that I need a rabbit in distress call. This was an all around basic tool used for predator calling. I read that this simple call will call in just about any type of predator if they are in hearing range of it. I put it to the test and sure enough, in came a predator. To my surprise, however, I called in an owl! I had heard that bobcats come out at night so I decided thats when I would try it out. I called for about half an our, then I became discouraged and left. When I stood up from the base of the tree where I was sitting, an owl flew off a branch right above my head. Scared me to death!

This was my first experience with this type of call. Today, I still use this same one and it goes with me whenever I go hunting. As a matter of fact, I take an assortment of calls with me whenver I hunt. You never know when you might get the chance to call in an animal. Once you get this thrill, you will love it.

I will talk more about the rabbit in distress hand call in future post. But my main point is that calling coyote isn't just limited to coyote. You can pretty much call in any predator with the right calls. However, there are some calls that are specific to coyotes, and I will discuss them at a later time.