Coyote Hunting Tips for Success

When it comes to coyote hunting tips, there are several that can help improve your chances of harvesting a coyote. This blog covers most of those tips in one post or another. However, there are three tips that I believe stand out above the rest.

The first tip is to use the proper call sequence. There are many different beliefs on how to do this. For a rabbit in distress call, I like to begin my calling sequence very loud and lasting about 30 seconds. You probably will find many people that believe calling loud at first is a mistake because you can scare away any coyotes that are close. My thoughts on this are if you have just began to call, it means you just got settled into your spot and probably made some noise in doing so. If that didn't scare any close ones away, a hurt rabbit certainly isn't going to. I have had coyotes walk to about 30 yards of me within 20 seconds of calling, and I was calling loud. After your initial calling, wait for two or three minutes before calling again. You can even wait up to ten minutes if you want. Do this over and over for about 30 minutes and if nothing comes, try a new spot. Make sure you stop calling the second you spot a coyote.

The second of the three tips is your cover. You should always wear camouflage that matches your surroundings when coyote hunting. Coyotes are very timid and they will not show their face if they can see you. Camo is good, but camo with good cover is better. If you can position yourself behind some leaves or brush, your chances will improve greatly. Deer stands are also great place do coyote hunting from. This is especially important if you are using a mouth call because this directs the attention of the coyote right at you. A face mask is never a bad idea as well. Remember, the coyote will be scanning the area to find the source of the sound, so try to be as still as possible. You certainly don't want him seeing you by mistake.

The last coyote hunting tip in my top three is to always be aware of your scent. Pick an open location where you can visualize the coyote coming out, and hunt downwind of that area. This will blow your human scent away from it. This goes hand in hand with good cover. Just like seeing you, they can smell you just as easily. This will send off an alarm in the coyotes head and he will be gone faster than you can blink. I always use some kind of scent to help keep my scent covered. You can use scent killer to mask your human scent, or some kind of attracting scent, to make it think you are a potential meal. Don't forget about your hunting rifle either, it will have a scent as well. As I said, hunting downwind will keep the coyotes that come out where you planned from smelling you, but sometimes they come from behind. Always use a cover scent just in case.