Switch Up Your Coyote Calling Methods

Have you ever called in a coyote and almost got a shot off before he spooked and ran away? Chances are that coyote will never respond to that call again. Or maybe you have over hunted an area and coyotes seem to be more scarce. Chances are, the call you are using is no longer effective due to overuse. Its time for a change.

Most coyote hunters use the rabbit in distress call, and for good reason. This call is easily the most effective call on the market for predator hunting. On more than one occasion, I have witnessed coyotes respond to this call in under 20 seconds. However, coyotes can become numb to the same sound, and it would be in your best interest to try something new. I recommend a doe bleat call, or fawn call. Coyotes often snack on baby dear, so if you can create the sound of a fawn in distress, you will awaken those coyotes that have been hiding from your old rabbit call. One thing to keep in mind is the time of year you are hunting. If it is that time of the year for baby dear, this call should be even more effective. Of course you could try the coyote baiting method, but what is the fun in that?

If you are hunting on public land that is hunted often, a fawn call could also be effective. As I said earlier, most hunters use the rabbit in distress, and this includes all those people who hunt on the same public land as you. Being creative and thinking smart can help you harvest those coyotes that everyone else is missing. If it is a time of year for a different animal that is a popular main course for coyotes, get a call for that animal and see what happens. Before your next coyote hunt, go grab a fawn call and throw it in your hunting bag. It certainly never hurts to have more hunting equipment, that's my belief.