10 Essentials for Coyote Hunting

1. Camouflage – If you're going to do any kind of hunting, you need to blend in with your surroundings. Coyote hunting is no exception. If they spot you, they will not come out from cover, or they will. Remember to wear the proper camouflage for your surroundings. If it is snowing, wear white.

2. Location – In a good location, you want open fields, seclusion, and lots of coyotes. If you can't find a place to hunt, ask local farmers, go to public hunting land. Most people will be glad to let you on their property if you are going to get rid of their coyotes.

3. Wind – Your scent can make or break your hunt. Aside from wearing scent cover, you want to be downwind of where you think the coyotes will come out. So if you're are in a large field, make sure you sit on the side that is downwind.

4. Population – A high population is a blessing for calling coyotes. Whenever you look for a location, make sure it has a high population before you take the time to hunt it. Land owners will usually know if they have coyotes or not, because they will have spotted them or heard them howling at night. Public hunting land is usually pretty secluded, so it should have coyotes as well.

5. Call – The call is probably the most important thing when calling coyotes. If you want to dish out the money, you can get an electronic remote caller. These can get quite expensive so you can always go for the $15 rabbit distress call. Just make sure you know what you are doing when using mouth calls. If you are unsure you can go here: Rabbit Distress Coyote Call.

6. Call Sequence – The call sequence will either make the coyote think there is a wounded rabbit nearby, or he will wonder what in the world that noise is. If he don't think its real, he won't come. Your call sequence is automatic if you have an electronic call, However, if you don't go to the link above on rabbit distress calls to find out how to call.

7. Time – The time of your hunt is not the most important thing, but it can increase your chances if you go at certain times. I believe the best time to go is at night, and I'm sure most will agree with me on this. Hunting at night does require you to have certain expensive equipment like spotlights and night vision goggles. I myself am more of an economical hunter, so I go during the day. I believe early morning is the best time to hunt in during the day. So, get out there at about daylight, and you should improve your chances.

8. Gun – This is not as important, but you do need one if you are going to kill something. I believe the best gun is a smaller caliber center fire rifle like a.243 or 22-250. I use a .243 with 55 grain bullets. Be aware of the laws when you are hunting on public land. Some places where I live require hunters to use a rim fire.

9. Binoculars – I am a fan of binoculars because I don't believe in putting my scope on something to find out what it is. If you are unsure of what is standing out in the field, use your binoculars to find out, not your gun. This might save someones life!

10. View – Finally, the view you have is essential to calling coyotes. Make sure you can see your surroundings very clearly. You don't want to get caught calling by a coyote you couldn't see coming. If you are setting on the ground, take a chair to get yourself up above an tall grass that is around. If you can, hunt out of a deer stand.