Coyote Hunting Techniques

When I set out on a coyote hunt, there are a number of things I do as preparation for each hunt that will be of value to anyone who is a coyote hunter. These coyote hunting techniques are basic strategies that can be incorporated into any hunt anywhere and anyone can do. For me, these preparations are something I do routinely for every hunt. I think of them as a necessary foundation to a successful outing. Information such as calling tactics or coyote sounds can be found in other posts.

Coyote hunting is not much different than deer hunting or hog hunting. I start off by figuring out where I want to hunt. This usually comes a few days ahead of time and is what makes me want to hunt in the first place. I usually hear someone talking about coyote sightings or will hear some howling one day and decide I want to hunt that area.

Knowing of a new area I haven’t hunted yet with a descent coyote population is what gets me excited about hunting. These factors will increase you chances of killing a coyote because they have not been pressured and there is a larger population. If I know I have a good chance of killing one, I usually get an itch to go and find out. Of course I make sure I have permission to hunt any area before going out there. No reason to get into trouble over some coyotes.

A good time to get permission is when you go out on a pre-hunt scout. Scouting is important because you need to figure out where you are going to sit while you hunt. Never wait until the morning of the hunt to do this, you will find yourself scrambling around looking for a spot before it gets light out. This can end up in a failed hunt.

The morning before the hunt, I pick one of my coyote hunting rifles and get all of my hunting gear ready to go for the next morning. I like to do this the night before because I want to be ready when it is time to leave the house. Too many times have I waited until the morning of the hunt to get my things together and arrived in the field too late.

If you are hunting with a friend, it is even more important to be on time because there is nothing that pisses me off more than when I am forced to be in a rush because I had to wait on an unprepared hunting buddy. So don’t do this to your friends. Anyways, I always put my clothes and equipment out and ready for me to put on and go.

My equipment includes binoculars, predator call, scent killer, bug spray, bullets, knife, and my gun. I carry everything in a camo back pack except for my gun. My clothing includes, pants, long sleeve shirt, hat, waterproof boots, and a facemask, all camouflage of course.

With all this stuff to keep up with, things can easily become lost. This is the reason for getting things together the night before. This will give you ample time to find things if they become misplaced, or think of a backup plan. This is certainly better than showing up late and ruining your hunt, or going without an important piece of equipment.

On the morning of the hunt, I always like to be out in the field about the time light is starting to show itself. This means I need to give myself plenty of time to wake up, get ready, and drive to the hunting location. I believe it is important to eat a good breakfast before hunting because you will need the energy to walk long distances while carrying your equipment, so give yourself plenty of time for this. If there is ice on the roads, be prepared for that as well.

Up to this point, I have found a hunting location, picked out a spot to sit, prepared my gear for the hunt, and I’m in the field right on time. Now is the time to get into that spot I picked out. Make sure you get into a comfortable position because once you start calling, you need to move as little as possible. This is one of the most important coyote hunting techniques I can give you.

Coyotes will be looking right in your direction when you are calling, so it is important that you don’t move. It is not a bad idea to try and cover yourself with limbs and leaves if you can manage it. Its not necessary, but it will only help your success.

Now that you are comfortable, get out your gear and have it where you can easily access it. You don’t want to be fumbling through your backpack looking for something when a coyote is standing in the field. When it is light enough to visibly see for a long distance, you can begin calling. You don’t want to call if it is not completely light out because coyotes will often respond very quickly to a call and if it is not light out, you won’t see it.

While you are calling, it is important to remain as still as possible. Always have skin completely covered, including your face. Your scent is important too, which I forgot to mention earlier. As soon as you get to your hunting location, before you walk to the spot you are going to sit, make sure you spray down with scent killer. Coyotes have a very keen scent and your human smell could end up ruining a hunt.

If you are wondering why I said walk to your spot, is because that is exactly what you are going to do. If you thought you could drive your truck or four wheeler right up to your hunting spot, guess again. You should be parked as least 200 yards from where your sitting, and your vehicle should be hidden if possible.

If you haven’t noticed from reading, being prepared is half the battle. Having your things together and a game plan will make things go a lot smoother and will greatly improve your coyote hunting techniques.