Coyote Hunting Videos

If you want to spice up your hunting experience and create some entertainment for after the hunt, coyote hunting videos can really do the trick. There is nothing more fun than you and a friend recording a hunting video together and making your own hunting show. It gives you something to show your friends and provides hours of entertainment for those days you're stuck in the house. You can also use the videos to find errors in your hunting and ways to improve.
If you don't already have a good video camera, go ahead and get yourself one. You will also need a partner for the hunt, one to do the hunting, and one to shoot. Now that you have everything you need, you are ready to shoot the video. To shoot a coyote hunting video, you will obviously need to do some hunting, so get out in the field and start rolling.

The person holding the camera should always sit behind the person hunting, and at an angle you can get a good shot of the kill. In order to do this, you will need to figure out the most likely spot for a coyote to come out, and hope that he does. Once you have this figured out, sit so the hunter is between you and the spot you picked out. This will give you the best chance of getting the perfect shot. You don't always have to be rolling throughout the entire hunt, there is going to be a lot of boring moments in there you probably don't care to watch. Just get a good couple of shots of the hunting area and the person who is hunting.

It is also important that the person who is hunting narrates what is going on. Be sure to announce the time, weather conditions, and what kind of action has been seen so far. When a coyote comes out, you obviously need to be quiet, so narration will not be possible at this point. Make sure you get good shots of the coyote and where he is in relation to your location. When it is time for the kill, have your camera zoomed in on the predator. It is important that the two of you communicate so you know when each is ready for the kill.

The film after the kill is just as important as before. You don't have to stop rolling just because the shot has been made. If the hunter missed the coyote, you obviously don't have much to shoot. It there is a kill, keep rolling while you walk up to the coyote. This is the point when adrenaline is rushing and you can be sure the footage will be good. Make sure the hunter holds the coyote up so that the viewers can get a good look. Its also important that he tells what happened as the kill was made. As I said earlier, you can't narrate while the coyote is in the field, so this is a good opportunity to fill the viewers in on the details. The direction he came from, the direction he was moving, how far he was when the shot was made, etc.

Making coyote hunting videos is a lot of fun and they will provide you with hours of entertainment. Don't be discouraged at first if the video doesn't come out like you had hoped. You will get better as you make them. Understanding how it will look on TV while you are shooting takes practice. Once you master this, you will be on your way to becoming the next hunting team for the outdoor channel....well maybe not, but you will have a lot of fun doing it. Remember, you don't have to stop at coyote hunting videos, you can shoot any type of hunting. Use these videos to your advantage and improve your hunting techniques.